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In a world of content clutter, we believe in quality over quantity. We work with a diverse team of creatives across the globe to bring together unique perspectives that culminate in targeted communication strategies. Our work positions clients as thought leaders in their industry and elevates brand perception among their target audience.


Koi Kollective is a collection of handpicked, independent creative professionals. Our collective brings together specialists in design,content strategy, event execution and project management. By not restricting our team to a set office location we are able to work with top creatives in their field and gain inspiration from anywhere in the world.


We are committed to translating big ideas into thought provoking communication campaigns that cut through the noise of your audiences’ day-to-day. Our team takes a holistic approach to solving your communications obstacles. After learning about the challenges your business faces, our team will develop a custom communications solution tailor made to solve your needs.


the kollective

Dianna Romaguera

Founder, CEO

Gabe Alvarez

Digital Specialist

Yainis Burgos

Social Media Coordinator

Mateo Quintero

Art Director

Melissa Shaw

Senior Event Producer

Fenix Creative Group

Partner ~ Digital Marketing Consultancy

Nicole Knox

Multimedia Storyteller

Brianna Entler

Wanderlust Writer


Partner ~ Video Production


Design Inspiration: 4th of July

Design Inspiration: 4th of July

Created: 30 Jun 2017

Mateo Quintero Mateo is an exceptional Art Director with a keen eye for building brands...

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble: The Importance of Diversity in Marketing

Sorry to Burst Your Bubble: The Importance of Diversity in Marketing

Created: 16 Jun 2017

Great work doesn’t come from consensus. Everyone lives within their own personal bubble,...

Dear Brands, Please Stop Jumping on Every Bandwagon

Dear Brands, Please Stop Jumping on Every Bandwagon

Created: 21 Apr 2017

Oreo’s famous Super Bowl tweet in 2013 quickly capitalized on an unexpected moment, bringing...

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