Marketing is fast paced, stressful and ever changing. But did you know you can become a better marketer by not doing any marketing at all? It’s true!

As we discussed previously, yoga is an eight-limbed journey. The physical practice, or asana, is the third limb and the one most commonly associated with yoga. How does incorporating yoga into your life help improve your marketing abilities?

On a physical level, studies have shown that yoga:

  • Improves Focus
  • Decreases Stress
  • Renews Dedication
  • Improves Health

In addition to these physical benefits, yogi marketers also learn very practical lessons from asana.

Be Intentional

Through yoga, marketers can learn the importance of making intentional decisions. Setting intentions in both yoga and marketing allows you to stay focused and set goals.

Think Ethically

Yoga teaches us to think ethically and to consider others in our decisions.

Consider Flexibility

No, you don’t have to touch your toes! But yoga does improve flexibility—not just in body, but in your mind as well. Things don’t always go as planned, especially with marketing. Between clients, deadlines, technology and other factors out of our control, flexibility is often necessary.

Consistency Pays Off

By staying consistent, even if that means dedicating only a few hours a week to yoga, you will see steady improvements in your practice. The same goes for marketing!

We know marketers are busy, we are marketers, too, after all. We work early mornings and late nights and often forego free-time for our clients. You may argue you don’t have time for yoga, and we totally understand. But there are a few simple solutions to help you practice yoga without sacrificing those much-needed hours in the day.

Onsite Yoga

Adding an onsite yoga class either before or after work or even during a lunch hour removes the hassle of travelling to a gym or studio. The good thing about a yoga class? It requires very little equipment. Think about purchasing office mats or have team members bring their own. Talk to yoga studios in your area or search online for teachers. Not only do onsite classes become a great perk for employees, the positive long-term effects on health and stress levels give employers happier employees. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Chair Yoga

If onsite yoga isn’t an option for you, you can complete yoga exercises from the comfort of your own chair. A quick online search for desk or chair yoga will yield many poses and sequences designed specifically for office settings. From wrist stretches to breathing exercises, there are many seated yoga poses available for office yogis. You can even work your core from your chair. Reap all the benefits of yoga, no mat or gym clothes required.

Starting a yoga practice offers both physical and mental benefits that will help you manage the many challenges a marketing career presents. You will be able to handle stress, make better decisions, and maintain a calmer state of mind, which in turn, improves your skills.


Brianna Entler

Brianna is a multi-talented creative writer, content strategist and certified yoga instructor. Her extensive editorial background and devoted attention to detail results in perfectly edited pieces that effectively communicate with any audience.